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OSA IT Solutions Ltd Personalised IT. Fits your needs.
Informatika & Outsourcing
TRN# 13-09-134966
Budapest, Hungary


About OSA IT Solutions Ltd.

The past...

OSA IT Solutions was started in 2010 by splitting Office System Administrator Ltd, established in 1996. That former firm got to work as a limited liability partnership but the demand for its services was grew so fast that they had to expand the firm activity range and had to alter into an Ltd in 2002. In 2010 as a result of a planned profile-cleaning the IT group was parted from the parent firm and keeping their former clients started to work as a brand new firm named OSA IT Solutions Ltd.

...and the present.

Our collegaues are all young but have years of IT experience. Having regard to the fact that computer studies are being developed day by day at such a high accelerating level we attach particular significance to our collegaues' vocational training. We do our job fast, precisely and in a client-friendly way! That's why all of our home and foreing clients are satisfied with us. Call us and test our expertise! You should get to know, mentioning not incidentally, our astonishingly low prices.


Our services:

  • Informatics outsourcing
  • Designing, implementating and maintaining of whole IT systems
  • Software developing
  • Data saving, securing
  • Hardware selling
  • Creating and hosting web pages and domain names
  • Complex emailing systems
  • Proxy, VPN, Firewall, SQL and webservers
  • Entry and alarm systems

Other services with help of our partners:

  • Accounting with experience of 15 years
  • Auditing financial statements

Quotation request

OSA IT Solutions Ltd. provides many services that will best fit your needs. No matter if you are a personal business, home business, small business or mid sized business, we can help.

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Kapcsolat Elérhetőségek

We are at:

Phone: +36-23-457-135
Fax:    +36-23-457-135
2092 Budakeszi, Gyöngyvirág str. 34.

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Head manager:

Co manager:

Central email:

Andras Nagy
Ferenc Endele



Extra discount on Information System Auditing

We are ready to expertly examine and audit the whole IT network, environment and system of our future Clients. We also do an Audit on request from any commercial entity or individual person within 3 working days. The whole Audit process usually takes one day. Precise evaluation and interpretation of the data will approximately take 7-10 business days.

We offer the following discount regarding the Audit:

translate soon....

For more information please call us on phone or send us an email. We will call you back as soon as we can.